Electromyography (EMG)

A test which measures muscle response to nerve stimulation

Diabetic and Cholesterol testing and treatment

Properly diagnose and prescribe treatment for Diabetes and high Cholesterol

24 Hour blood pressure monitor

Monitoring of prolonged blood pressure readings while undergoing normal daily activity

Bone Densiometer/Dexascan

measurement of bone tissue used in the determination of bone loss

Cardiopulmonary metabolic exercise testing (CMET)

Non-Invasive test that can evaluate the heart and lungs

Skin care, Skin aging control

Treatments to re-juvinate and reduce the affects of aging of the skin.

Overnight Oximetry

Determination of oxygen-hemoglobin saturation in the blood

X-Ray services

A snap shot of the condition of bones and cartilage

Varicose and Spider vein therapy

Injection of a solution to reduce the swelling of veins

Laceration repair

Laceration repair mends a tear in the skin or other tissue

Joint injections
Therapeutic Injections for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions

Skin biopsies
Biopsies are performed to help with the diagnosis of particular skin conditions


The practice of inserting very fine needles into the skin to stimulate specific anatomic points in the body


The Staff is available to answer the most frequently asked questions about health options and treatments

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive procedures are operations carried out with the goal of restoring form and in many cases function of body parts that are abnormal due to injury, disease, or congenital defects

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Hand Surgery

Incisions for this surgery may vary, but the goal is the same — to enlarge the tunnel and decrease pressure on the nerve

Pain Management

A complete evaluation of multidisciplinary pain diagnosis, treatment and management

Botox & Collagen Injections

Botox paralyzes the muscle underlying the problem area, causing the line or wrinkle to flatten out


Doctor’s who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin problems

Wound Care

The entire wound healing process is a complex series of events that begins at the moment of injury and can continue for months to years

Allergy Testing & Allergy Shots We are able to determine what you are allergic to and provide appropriate shots.






Cardiac event monitoring

Monitoring of intermittent disturbances in cardiac rhythms.






Measurement of volume of air inhaled and exhaled from the lungs.